Busy to Leveraged: Automation for Busy Creators 101

Automate the tasks you hate and spend more time doing what you love.

This 7-day email course will teach you how to leverage no-code automation and quit doing busywork... so you can focus on the creative, high-leverage work that moves the needle - like growing your business.

Here's everything you're going to unlock πŸ‘€

From Busy to Leveraged πŸ“ˆ

This PDF is the beginner's guide to no-code automation I wish I had when I first started learning this stuff.The goal?Help you master the 20% of the knowledge you need to start automating 80% of your manual, time-consuming tasks.

Here's what you will unlock...🀯 Overcome the 5 most common myths keeping creators like you from unlocking the power of automation (and living a high-leverage, stress-free life)πŸ’° Learn why setting an aspirational hourly rate is the most important thing you should do before even thinking about automating somethingπŸ’‘ Get 10 easy automation ideas and our step-by-step process for brainstorming and outlining your first automation (free Notion template included!)πŸ€– Learn how to build to build your first automation using Zapier (and how to avoid common mistakes even β€œseasoned” automators make!)πŸ› Learn how to fix and deal with the most common bugs you might run into as you build your first automations on Zapier⚑ Get 20 free, curated automation templates for both common manual tasks creators have to deal with

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